Get the Toyota Alphard for your next road trip

Toyota Alphard

Whether you are taking your close partner or family on a long cross-country tour in your Toyota SUV or driving long-distance to another business meeting, you, as a driver need to keep your mind and body refreshed. It will help to keep you alert and focused, and ultimately help keep you and your passengers safe during the duration of the long drive. This is the state of the art Toyota Alphard we are talking about.

There is no need for long, awkward moments of silent conversation which only serve to make driver and passengers feel restless during a long trip in which stationary-seated passengers have little to do with themselves. While driver is driving, passengers can catch up with the news in high definition clarity and then relay the events back to the driver. Surround sound renditions of driver and passengers’ favorite music can be shared.

All Toyota Alphard components are specifically customized. Exclusive integration solutions provide smart-looking in-dash installations. Enhancing safety features, the system is driver-friendly. Rear seat entertainment abounds and enhanced driver safety is the order of the day. And when driver is safe, his passengers are safe too. Further, an all-in-one navigation system, which is accurate and stable, without the use of the internet means no-one loses direction.

In split-screen mode, displays are precisely clear. With a digital TV tuner, no-one misses their favorite TV shows during a long, long trip. Premium designs come with white LEDs which match the Toyota’s dashboard, and the button functions are easy to use. Passengers can also view movies from their smartphones which can be connected by HDMI. As a result, YouTube videos, if watched, come across in excellent quality.

All in all, with this system and its features, driving is pleasurable and safe.