The Easy Path to Clean Eating

The concept of eating a healthy diet has spread around the world and back again many times and we still seem to have some sort of serious difficulty getting any clear idea of what healthy eating really is. There are many ways to eat a healthy diet and different so-called “experts” on the issue are actually doctors with little training in nutrition at all. Understand something: doctors do medications and surgeries and procedures, not nutrition. What is clean eating in the world today? It is a type of lifestyle which can involve some very simple steps and you can now begin to aim for that lifestyle.

The very first and most important principle of eating a clean diet is to go fully organic. Understand that “organic” means foods grown without artificial fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, or other unnatural synthetic chemicals. Check out for more information.

Granted, choices of organic fruits and vegetables and organic meats may be limited in certain stores while also being more costly. The thing you need to realize is this: Due to the nature of organic farming, the food is much more nutrient dense than ordinary produce and meats. Basically, you get better nutrition and eventually do not have to eat as much if you start eating the right things.

In terms of eating a clean, healthy diet, what are the right things to eat? First, follow the organic rule and then strive to make at least 50% of your diet fruits and vegetables. Seriously, this is a great move because it gives you all the fiber and vitamins and minerals contained in these magnificent foods, keeping your body functioning at optimal capacity. The next rule is also simple. Eat foods in their whole, original form and try to avoid packaged, processed foods which may contain chemicals which are far from clean. These simple tips should help.

Benefits of Healthy Fats

That is correct, you read the title right. There are healthy fats. Though at one time in the history of diets, low fat diets were a big deal, we made a huge nutritional mistake with that one. While consuming a high fat diet consisting of fried foods and unhealthy junk foods, this fat is bad and can lead to heart problems, diabetes, mental problems, and obesity. This is not the kind of fat you should be eating for optimal health and it won’t ever do you any good to keep up such a diet. There are types of fat our bodies actually need or use in healthy ways to produce energy rather than arterial plaque and a wide waist-line.

Primarily, what we need in terms of healthy fats in the diet are what are called Omega 3 fatty acids. The best source for these is fatty fish such as salmon or others. The best vegetarian sources for balanced good fats art things like flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and algae oils. In fact, hemp oil provides the perfect balance of essential fatty acids including the essential Omega 6 fatty acids which help promote proper joint health and can be helpful for hormone balance. Generally, we get enough Omega 6 fats in our diets and we do not get enough of the Omega 3 fatty acids. This causes some serious health problems.

One of the most insidious manifestations of an Omega 3 fatty acid deficiency is how severely it will affect memory and the nervous system in general. Deficiency is associated with memory problems, ADD, Hyperactivity disorders, seizures, depression, anxiety disorders, and general cognitive deficiency. Do you see why you need these healthy fats now? The French fries as your favorite fast dining spot will not provide your body with these healthy fats. Look into taking a quality fish oil supplement or explore some of the other vegetable seed oils mentioned.